It is my pleasure to offer a variety of performance opportunities and activities for students of all experience levels.

From MTAC sponsored events like Certificate of Merit and Ensemble Festival, to our own studio’s philanthropic endeavors like Busking for Charity and Practice-a-Thon,

there are several motivating goals from which to choose throughout the year!


General Information for all events

Music is a performing art.  Performances are important learning opportunities for students, for they develop poise and confidence presenting in public and can learn by hearing other students play.  Although not required, students are encouraged to take advantage of the many performing opportunities offered in my studio.  As a member of the National Flute Association, two branches of the Music Teacher’s Association of California, and California Federation of Music Clubs, there are numerous and varying activities from which to choose.   Please refer to the Studio Calendar for more information.


Piano Accompaniment and Rehearsals

For every festival, recital, or performance requiring a piano accompanist, I will engage a professional pianist.  Students may use this pianist or hire another as available to them.  Students are responsible for payment for the accompanist’s time.

Students must supply published (not photocopied) accompaniment parts (scores) at the first rehearsal.

Students may not perform a work for flute and piano without a pianist.

Pianist rehearsals will likely be scheduled on the Thursday prior to the performance and will likely be held at my home studio in Newbury Park.  I will give Ventura-based students schedule priority for these rehearsals in this case.


Sheet Music

Students must use published (not photocopied) sheet music (parts and scores) for all performances.  This ensures copyright law compliance and supports ASCAP composers (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers).


Recital Etiquette

Students should dress well for recitals. Please do not wear shorts, t-shirts, tennis shoes, or flip-flops. Listening is part of the experience. Students should not talk, whisper, rustle papers, or leave the hall during performances.

As a courtesy to all the performers, students and their families must remain for the entire program. Do not sign up for a recital unless you are available for the entire program.  For all MTAC events, students who leave early/after their performance will be ineligible for participation the following year.